SimpleOne Label Maker Video Demos
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How to download and install
This app is a standard Universal Windows App and can be installed and uninstalled similar to other Windows 10 apps. Like other apps on the Microsoft Store, the installation and removal process is managed entirely by Windows (this app does not have its own custom installer or uninstaller)

How to install:
You can also manually locate this app with the following steps:
  • Click on the Start menu
  • Launch the Microsoft Store App
  • Search for "SimpleOne Label Maker"
How to enter address
  • click in the middle of a label to activate the text cursor
  • type address
How to quickly create a full sheet using "Fill All"
  • go to command bar and select "Fill All"
  • this action populates the entire label sheet with the same content as the first label (located in row 1 and column 1)
How to change label size
  • go to command bar and select "Label Size"
  • select "Paper Size"
  • choose the template you wish to use and click on "Select"
How to add image
  • click inside a label to activate the text cursor
  • go to the format command bar and select the “Photo” icon
How to save and reopen saved labels

Save labels:
  • go to command bar and select "Save"
  • choose save directory and save label sheet
Open saved labels:
  • go to command bar and select "Open"
  • select and open saved file
Share saved label designs:
  • you can easily share saved label designs with family and collegues
  • email saved file as attachment
  • double click on any saved file to launch the label sheet directly
In order to open the saved label sheet, your recipient needs to have the SimpleOne Label Maker app installed. You may wish to send them the app link as well: