Print labels in minutes!
Various options allow you to easily print full sheets, partial sheets, single labels and multiple addresses per sheet.
Design labels using custom font styles and colors.
Intuitive label template selector makes it simple to choose and switch label sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What device supports SimpleOne Label Maker?
SimpleOne is a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app, compatible with Windows 10 Desktop, Tablets and Mobile devices.

What type of labels can I print with this app?
SimpleOne Label Maker supports a variety of label sizes and shapes, including rectangular, square, circle and oval. For a complete list of compatible label sizes, please reference this list .

I only want to print a couple labels on a partially used label sheet, can I use this app?

Yes! SimpleOne Label Maker allows you to print to single as well as full sheet labels. Select and print to any available template location on the sheet.

I'm based in Australia, does this app support label templates sized for A4 paper?
Yes! SimpleOne supports A4 sized labels as well as US letter sized labels (more popular in North America). Please review the paper size and measurement unit settings to choose the option most convenient for you.

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SimpleOne Label Maker

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