Getting Started
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How to enter address
How to quickly create a full sheet using "Fill All"
How to change label size
How to save and reopen saved labels
Do I need to make any print setting adjustments before printing?
The print layout will be automatically adjusted according to your selected label size. For most printers, you do not need to make any manual adjustments before printing.

How to add "character font icon" into the label design?
The app supports all fonts available on the device including symbols and character icon fonts. If you search for “Fonts” on the system, you will see a list of icons from fonts such as Wingdings and Bookshelf Symbols, all of these icons can be added into the label text box.

How to change font size and font style?
1. Select text you wish to update
2. Choose "Font Style" on the toolbar to adjust font styles and choose "Font Size" to adjust font size.

How to install this app on a second computer?
If you have already purchased SimpleOne Label Maker, you can re-download from the Microsoft Store to other computers you own, there is no additional charge.
1. Please open the Microsoft Store app
2. Log into the Store app using the same account you previously used to purchase the app (this step is important)
3. Search and download the app you wish to reinstall, instead of the Price and option to Buy, you should now only be presented with the option to download